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introAt we have it SUSSED. The simplest way to remain healthy, slow absenteeism, reduce stress, look good & have more energy is not so hard, but 2 factors are critical.

  • Ensure vitamin D3 blood serum levels are high
  • Use Enzogenol antioxidants to neutralise FR’s in the body & brain allowing your body to repair defects.

The health needs of many are being unfairly compromised by poor thinking & outdated knowledge of our medical leaders. It has been shown so often by visionaries that most of health problems can be solved by eliminating that which causes harm. Pollution & minimal sun exposure has our bodies in turmoil & manifests as low energy, poor mental functions & unbelievable diseases when our bodies are subjected to poor environmental locations & deprived of sunlight.
STOP PRESS: Dangerous Underestimation X 10 of “D3″
A group of scientists from Creighton University and the University of California have presented data claiming that the IOM experts underestimated needs by an order of magnitude.
The nutrition researchers examined data from a different population than that used in the initial calculations, and came up with a recommendation of approximately 7,000 IU per day of vitamin D. They point out that even though this is dramatically higher than past recommendations, it is still substantially below the upper level as established as safe by the Institute of Medicine.

We will emphasise these 2 essentials in the quest for good health & longevity. Vitamin D3 & the super Antioxidant, Enzogenol. The needs of our bodies for “D3″ is massive. This vitamin fuels your immune system…It is the building block for heart health &…Is critical for memory recall, cognitive function, and more .In fact, scientists have now learned this one nutrient can regulate over 2,000 separate genes within the body. These genes affect every cell and tissue within the body.
If there ever were nutrients that came close to embodying Mother Teresa’s values, they would be antioxidants, especially Enzogenol. These remarkable nutrients give freely of themselves so your cells can live. How do they do this? Antioxidants are molecules that are able to give up tiny things called electrons in order to prevent your cells from being ripped

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