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One of the reasons people hope their health will be perfect forever is they think they know it all & have preconceived concepts of what's good for them or they're wary that info given to them might be wrong or out of date. NZ Health Dept info on Vitamin D is based on knowledge from pre-2009, Australia's is not much better. For the WORLDS most studied health supplement, this is very old info.
But being savvy or smart & accepting new research opens a wealth of health options that will maintain you & your employees health. Good health is our biggest asset. Do we look after ourselves as though we are a valuable piece of equipment?
Usually not! Most business managers look after everything else and leave themselves last. After all, we are optimists so we assume we won't get sick that will prevent us from working.
Is this a wise plan? No. To plan for a long business life — long enough to reap the rewards — that means planning a healthy life for yourself. It's easier said than done. As a manager you may have to balance the needs of the business and clients against your own needs. However, looking after yourself makes good business sense. Just following the advice below will add years to our lives. This is up to date & factual...
Heart Health:

Studies have increasingly suggested vitamin D3 may play an important role in heart health, linking vitamin D deficiency to increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack and heart disease. But what specific level of vitamin D deficiency poses a risk to heart health? The research of more than 230,000 patients found that patients whose D3 levels were less than 15 ng/mL (37.5nmols) were 35% more likely to experience a cardiovascular event in the subsequent 3 years than if their levels were higher. The study confirmed vitamin D3 supplementation lowers the risk for heart disease.
Who Knows what their Vitamin D3 Levels are?
Cardio & Cognition Magic:

Test4D is the only true rapid test available. It is easy to use, so everyone can know for certain what their Vitamin D levels are. No need to go to a lab to have your blood drawn and potentially wait weeks only to find out what you could have found out with Test4D in 10 minutes with an accuracy of 99% . Until now very few knew, but Wellness4us is the agent of a German test system that for a $30 test you can find out in 10 minutes.
Alzheimer's Fears:
Most Robust Study of Its Kind' Confirms Link Between Low Vitamin D and Dementia.

Most Robust Study of Its Kind' Confirms Link Between Low Vitamin D and Dementia. The link between low vitamin D & dementia has again been confirmed with the publication of a robust six-year long study conducted by an international team of researchers. Participants who were severely vitamin D deficient were more than twice as likely to develop dementia and AD.

Adults in the study who were moderately deficient in vitamin D had a 53 % increased risk of developing dementia of any kind, and the risk increased to 125 % in those who were severely deficient. The results confirm that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of all-cause dementia & Alzheimer disease. The findings also suggest there's a threshold level of circulating vitamin D, below which your risk for dementia increases.
This threshold was found at around 50 nmol/L, (20 ng/ml.) Higher levels were associated with better brain health.

Most Robust Study of Its Kind' Confirms Link Between Low Vitamin D and Dementia.
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