The worlds first functional cosmetic for canines.

Our PETLife400 & PETLife Boost has some amazing properties to protect canine health. The application is topical, & it offers functional properties for Good Looks & Health care.


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The New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries has completed class determinations of these products. These products are defined as agricultural products & are exempt under the ACVM regulations. The rational is, as these are nutritional compounds & are composed of nutrients considered GRAS, there are no safety concerns relating to methods of administration.


Is Your PET Suffering in Silence?
The list of diseases and ailments that are associated with a pet, mainly dogs being overweight or wrongly fed is both long & serious, and will likely contribute to a lower quality of life for the pet and a shorten their life span. If these medical conditions are not enough to make a pet parent pay closer attention to their dog's weight, than perhaps the financial costs of having a fat dog will do so. But first, let me explain what you're up against when it comes to supporting your pet's lifelong health and comfort.


Many Pet Foods Fall Short on Complete Diet & Joint-Health Nutrition
Experts agree that good nutrition helps prevent the onset of obesity or joint problems as your pet ages. But far too often, pet food labelled as "balanced nutrition" turns out to be "barely adequate nutrition" instead. Dogs and cats are carnivores, so good nutrition for them means protein, and plenty of it. The first several ingredients listed on the label should be meat — not grains, soy or other fillers that can ruin your pet's health.


The Good News is, Pets that Stay Active, Live Longer.
And nothing will slow your pet down like obesity or stiff, aching joints. Regrettably, many owners miss the signs of decreased mobility, because dogs and cats instinctively conceal their discomfort for as long as they can.


We introduce PETLife400 & PETLife Boost as a fantastic means to beautify & protect health of many pets. The magnesium & vitamin E content improves their coats unbelievably. Their coats shine from within, they appear to grow younger & move easier. We dog owners adversely affect our dog's health by keeping them indoors too much, in fact, "house dogs" - our closest friends, are the most affected by sunlight deprivation. American figures show Cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease-related pet deaths each year. Lack of sunlight prevents the production & absorption of vitamin D3 but it doesn't stop there. Cancer is on the rise in dogs as well as humans. Dogs get cancer at roughly the same rate as humans.


What is known is that poor UVB exposure is associated with cancers, up to 15 types in HUMANS! The UVB–vitamin D–cancer hypothesis is very strong. Maybe it is low UVB exposure – the poor "D3" levels that explains the higher cancer rate among our loved pets? For pets, there is a subtle twist to the vitamin D story that makes it a dietary necessity–in short; sunshine doesn't always do the trick. In the end, while "D3" may be a real epiphany for us as a human supplement, for pets it's not a new concept that an adequate dietary supplement is necessary for long-term health. Even so, sunlight's beneficial biological effect seems to have been lost to modern medicine & to most of us who keep animals. The SUN is healthy & when taken outside, most owners prefer exercise times when the sun is cooler & at its least effective for them both.


Get your clients' canines the ultimate beauty treatment & more with PETLife400 & PETLife Boost. They will live considerably longer, be much healthier, be far more active & look heaps better. Get your customers to get their pets on PETLife400 & PETLife Boost today…


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