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PETLife400, a wonder supplement developed keep pets healthy & alive. You will notice that not only will pets' hair looks younger, but premature greying of the hair will be prevented. Any aging signs that appeared in their hair will slowly disappear. PETLife400 will directly condition the hair making it more lustrous, shinier and stronger than it was before.

Why natural medicines for pets? Vitamins D3, E & Mg are also forgotten miracles for pets. The benefits are outlined our attached brochure. Cancer rates are spiralling out of control in dogs. Bone and joint deformities plague breeders. Every time you turn around there's a new genetic disease in dogs. It is not because veterinary research is discovering new diseases - it is because our dogs are getting sicker & owners have another vet visit to make.

Our studies show that pet sicknesses will drop 70%, very similar to humans when the epiphany of VitD3 is discovered. Longevity is up to 30% longer.

Get your customers to give their pets a longer & healthier life with PETLife400. We know pets will live considerably longer, be much healthier, far more active & look heaps better. Get your customers to get their pets on PETLife400 today...


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