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The D'Life Boost Nerve Support Formula is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated for those suffering agonies with Neuropathy.

Healthy Nerves Don't:

 Tingle or Go Numb in the Fingers, Toes, Hands, Feet, Legs or Arms
 Feel Painful When You Touch Something
 Feel Cold, Burning, or Pain in the Hands, Feet, Legs and Arms
 Make You Lose Your Balance &/or Your Coordination
 Causes excruciating Pain mainly in the Feet
 Let you cause irreparable damage to your feet thru no feelings.
 Our Nerve Support Formula Promotes and Supports Healthy Nerves


Currently there is no proven medical treatment to prevent or cure neuropathic pain (neuropathy or nerve pain). Instead, the primary goals of treatment are to reduce the pain as much as possible, balance the negative side effects of the treatment, and help patients manage any unresolved pain.


Common Problem: Researchers found that 40% of T2D patients using metformin had vitamin B12 deficiency. And 77% of metformin users with vitamin B12 deficiency also had peripheral neuropathy, a common form of nerve damage associated with type 2 diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a type of nerve damage most often characterized by severe pain, tingling, and numbness in the hands and feet. Because PN is such a major complication of diabetes, researchers say diabetics using metformin should be supplemented with B12. Diabetes UK showed that 81.5% of patients with diabetic PN were also significantly associated with vitamin D deficiency. Diabetic PN is 3.5X more likely if a vitamin D deficiency exists.


Treatment with D'LIFE Boost should be used as a method for reducing the incidence of vitamins D3 & B12 deficiencies in the T2D population.
 Fast Acting
 Non Addictive, no narcotic type reaction
 Continuing Health Benefits

You can really make a great health leap to any of your customers/ patients suffering diabetes. We also supply the world’s strongest antioxidant, Enzogenol. Proven to correct glucose problems by allowing the body to heal itself. Our informative diabetes brochure is;
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