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Using Vitamin D3, Hyaluronic Acid & Anti-Aging Vinanza we now have one of the world's best skin serums.

Aged Skin - Is It Father Time???   Maybe your cells are starved of the “Master Nutrient” — vitamin D3. The amazing anti-oxidant Vinanza improves both skin elasticity & moisture retention by 16% & stops UV rays. Juventus increases our vitamin D3 levels. Restores skin health by reducing age spots, wrinkles, inflammations freckles & stretch marks. Relieves & soothes sun-burn.  Wrinkles & stretch marks fade, health improves & we stay younger.

The Condition: known as Thin Skin, Weak Skin &/or Fragile Skin.
People first experience thin skin over the age of 60 and it gets worse as we age. Thinning skin can be very easily lacerated or torn by just a minor accidental bump against something hard.
Juventus to the rescue…    And without care it becomes itchy…

With the purity of Juventus we can increase vitamin D3 levels to prevent medical problems associated with Autism & Dementia.
Apart from being the best skin care available the following info is very helpful for protection from Alzheimer's & Autism.

Autism normally begins in the womb & in early infant years:

There is a great deal of overlap between symptoms of low thyroid in children and those of Autism sufferers such as: speech and developmental delays, cognitive dysfunction, hyperactivity or lethargy. For many children diagnosed with Autism, a diagnosis of hypothyroidism is one in the same. This is where Juventus is perfect. Massaging Juventus into the tummy’s of mommy’s to be lessens the risk of stretch marks & supplements her vitD3 levels simultaneously. Protects Baby & Mum all at the same time.

Thyroid Problems, Autism, Alzheimer’s & Cognitive Decline.  It’s been found that the patients with autoimmune thyroid disease had Vitamin D3 levels that were significantly lower than optimal, almost 82% of the autoimmune thyroid disease patients have low Vitamin D3. The study defined low Vitamin D as a level of less than 20 ng/ml (50nmol/L). Patients who had especially high TPO antibodies — above 1300 — showed significantly lower Vitamin D3 levels. Frequently the link between thyroid and autism is tragically overlooked in mainstream medicine. 
Why is vitamin D3 so important?

Vitamin D is known for its role in bone health, but new research shows this could be just the start of its benefits. 'Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins because it has an abundance of uses, particularly because it also enhances the body's absorption of other vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphate.'

Vitamin D may also have roles in preventing health problems such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes and viral infections. Serious long term medical problems such as Alzheimer’s & Autism are considered the result of long term low or poor vitamin D3 levels.

The reaction from our thyroid gland to low vitamin D3 levels is a reduction of essential neurotransmitters. These allow brain cells to communicate with each other & are known for their effects on our moods. behavior & personality.

The 4 main neurotransmitters are:
- Acetylcholine, for learning & memory.
- Serotonin for happy & joyful sensations,
- Dopamine for pleasure & rewards,
- GABA for a calm & relaxed state.

Maybe some of these signs and symptoms below of brain degeneration apply to you, your family or your staff:
• Memory loss
• brain fog
• depression
• anxiety
• difficulty in learning
• lack of motivation, drive, or passion
• tire easily
• poor focus and concentration.

Brain degeneration affects millions of people of all ages, everywhere. The destruction sets in years or even decades before Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, or other serious neurological diseases can be diagnosed.
Recent Research Links Vitamin D Deficiency and Alzheimer's

An abundance of research connects vitamin D deficiency, a condition that is highly prevalent in adults aged 65 years and above, to cognitive decline. So I explored recent research to learn more about the association.

International experts gathered at an invitational summit on “Vitamin D and Cognition in Older Adults” to provide “clear” guidance to researchers and clinicians about the role of vitamin D in Alzheimer’s. They agreed that vitamin D deficiency (a blood serum level < 30ng/mL or 75 nmol/L) increases the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in adults aged 65 and older
Bolster Your Brain with Vitamin D

The statistics of escalating rates of Alzheimer’s suggest that your life—in some way—will most likely be impacted this deadly disease.

A breakthrough study, published June 24, 2015 Neurology, revealed that Alzheimer’s may develop 20 years before any symptoms appear. These findings suggest that we may be able to prevent these deadly diseases. They also indirectly hint at the need for humans to be vitamin D3-rich throughout life.
In a world that is increasingly contaminated with   chemicals & additives it’s good to know something is pure & beneficial. With the purity of Juventus we can increase vitamin D3 levels to prevent medical problems like heart & cancer & is now known to assist with Autism & Dementia prevention. Wrinkles & stretch marks fade, health improves & we stay young.

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Vitamin D3 is our thing. Let us advise you & preserve your health...