A workable company health solution…
What you probably not doing now costs you an extra $837 annually per employee...
Get more Bang for your Buck from your staff's efforts: Provide them with a proven system that improves their physical & mental health including:

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Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin, & it plays a critical role throughout your entire body.

It naturally supports our:

  • Immune system
  • Muscles & nerve health
  • Cell growth
  • Mood & feelings of well-being
  • Weight management
  • Sexual health
  • Sleep patterns
  • Heart health

Good Health is Good Business‎

A Punch of Magic for the brain:

“Up to 80% of Americans are Not Getting Enough of this Essential Nutrient: Magnesium. Many surveys show these nutrition trends are worldwide”.

Researchers suggest that Magnesium L-Threonate could revolutionize the field of mental nourishment and help everyone achieve and maintain optimum cognitive function at every stage of life. Magnesium L-Threonate is available today for everyone—young and old—who wants their brain to be sharp, clear and focused. By cultivating 'thinking habits', you strengthen your brain and enable yourself to grow and adapt throughout life. And the same goes for your business. Encouraging your employees to increase their brainpower will make them better at solving problems and developing profitable new ideas.

What's in it for your Company???

Wellness in the Workplace Survey 2013
The good news is that nine out of ten enterprises consider improving employee wellbeing to be either desirable or a priority, although only a quarter see it as a top priority. New Zealand lost around 6.1 million working days to absence in 2012.

  • The median total cost for each absent employee in 2012 was $837.
  • The median cost of staff absence per enterprise in 2012 was $35,146, but variations exist by size of business.
  • Absence costs vary by size of organization and sector, with median costs per absent employee in the public sector 110% higher than in the private sector.
  • The direct costs of absence alone amounted to $1.26b across the NZ economy in 2012.

Increasing our energy without reaching for a sugar-high.

Natural solutions to the age old desire for more energy. 54% of people claim that they often feel tired. When you feel tired and run down you are easily irritated and your zest for life disappears. It is understandable then, that hundreds of us look for a quick fix – which might be an energy drink, now considered a bad choice….
We have an alternative solution to tiredness and fatigue; we don't have to live on a rollercoaster of artificial energy highs and lows.

Vitamin B12

Notoriously hard to absorb but crucial for those energy levels, B12 plays an important part in red blood cell formation and has been proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Our main dietary source of this vitamin is meat, fish, milk and eggs, so vegetarians and vegans can be particularly vulnerable to insufficiency.
An easy way to ensure you get enough B12 is with D'Life Boost. The sublingual delivery mechanism ensures it is delivered directly into the bloodstream avoiding processing by the digestive system. Just four sprays daily spread around the day guarantees your levels are topped up
– a really easy and efficient way to energize ourselves.

Prove for yourself you won't believe the difference.

It's without any doubt, having a healthier, smarter & more energetic workforce must improve Productivity & Profitability. Absenteeism is a costly business. PricewaterhouseCoopers reckons absenteeism costs Australian businesses $17 billion a year. While most corporate wellness programs average a 3 to 1 Return On Investment (ROI), documented cases of a ROI as high as 15 times investment have been seen. It just makes sense to keep employees healthy.

This fantastic breakthrough in Health & Energy is D'Life EDGE & is available now. We have other supplements with TAPS approvals, however EDGE is special, age & body size does matter & only Wellness4us has calculators to guide supplement levels. Talk to us at austwellness@gmail.com & we'll supply direct, maybe even give a free sample…
Have a healthy day.