Diabetes must be reversed. Using our wonderful anti-oxidant the brain numbing effects of Diabetes needn't exist….
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What we are trying to do is emphasize is the importance of reversing diabetes. Sufferers would try harder with diet & medications if they knew the terrible consequences for health, family & employment if it is not controlled. I am marketing these products as a direct result of being diagnosed myself & suffering with T2D. As a vitamin D3 expert I was determined that I had the knowledge to reverse T2D.

As my A1c glucose levels dropped from 96 to 50mmol/ caused by the T2D, it was apparent that I seemed alone in my assessment of my improving condition. Initially I had not realized that I had T2D but I thought something was wrong. Everything physical was difficult, even walking took a few minutes to warm up. Now the A1c glucose levels have dropped it is apparent my "couch potato feelings" were directly attributed to those high glucose levels.
And here's possibly the worst part:
No One Really Understands what you're GOING Through. I wasn't even warned.
When I was informed I had T2diabetes, I had to find out for myself the seriousness of the disease. Going blind, renal disease & amputations were explained as serious consequences of the disease. What my doctors don't even know is features of Alzheimer's disease are attributed to the damage caused to the brain by blood sugar. The cerebral blood vessels that nourish the brain are damaged by the excess of blood sugar. Scientists at Albany University found a curious connection. In fact, the new study's results have prompted the lead researcher to state that people with type 2 diabetes "really do have low-level Alzheimer's."
My chart showing reduction of Haemoglobin levels as Enzogenol treatment progressed. I am still following my treatment protocol & expect a 40 reading next blood test.

My HbA1c levels fell from 96 on the IFCC-mmol/mol to mmol/L 14.8% to 50 IFCC to HbA1c under 7%. This was achieved with no additional exercising & my diet changed to low carb eliminating most potatoes, bread & rice. In effect I went from a dangerous 11% to below 7%.
The relationships between NGSP and IFCC HbA1c table
Officially, there is worldwide consensus that HbA1c should be reported in both NGSP (%) and IFCC (mmol/mol) units along with eAG (in either mmol/L or mg/dL).
Amyloid plaques are seen in diabetes & Alzheimer's disease patients:

The surprising fact is that insulin resistance is evident in the brain tissues of Alzheimer's disease patients. A recent clinical study of healthy people at risk of cognitive decline have, by using Enzogenol every day for six months slowed this risk of cognitive dysfunction. Enzogenol is the first such flavonoid antioxidant clinically proven to show significant improvements to brain performance in healthy humans.

This brain impairment & physical limitations of high glucose really must be addressed to allow Diabetics to resume a normal life. It's awful that most literature spells a very bad prognosis, we're all going to get worse, from metformin to insulin shots, a shorter lifespan, all so very negative. This is why a reversal is so important to our future wellbeing..

Diabetes causes more problems than health & movement:

Diabetes is considered a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act, which applies to any employer with 15 or more employees. The judgment means US companies will be treating these workers as "disabled", providing them with larger seats, special parking spaces special cafeteria food & other needs. Its known employees with disabilities are not normally favored by employers, they unfortunately constitute a much larger proportion of sickness & absenteeism, which diminishes their employment prospects. What makes job opportunities even worse is research showing that people with type 2 diabetes "really do have low-level Alzheimer's". We can assist with Enzogenol.

The deadly diabetes risk skyrocketing heart attack risk by 60%
Why you must never be Insulin dependent.
Metformin is bad enough but reversing T2D is the only answer, & try to avoid insulin treatments with our Enzogenol protocol. Unfortunately we doubt we can ever reverse type 1, but the more common T2D & pre diabetes we have hope. Heart disease & diabetes are potential killers &these two diseases go hand-in-hand. And yet another study confirms this deadly association.
The study, done at the University of Leicester's Diabetes Research Centre, actually pinpointed a clear link between increased risk of cardiovascular events and a specific aspect of diabetes This is: hy.poglycemia
The researchers demonstrated that following a bout of hypoglycemia, insulin-treated diabetic patients have a 60% higher risk of cardiovascular events.
Even scarier? These same patients are also twice as likely to die as patients who don't experience hypoglycemia.
Basically, the results of this study show that hypoglycemia, which occurs when a patient's blood glucose becomes dangerously low, can trigger potentially fatal cardiovascular events.
If you're diabetic, the key is to control your blood sugar so that it doesn't swing too high OR too low. ... "When it comes to blood sugar, lower isn't always better". Enzogenol doesn't interfere with insulin so take it in our prescribed dosages & give your body all the help you can. Dying is an extreme price to pay.... don't let "drugs first" Mainstream Medicine make you a victim of the Diabetic Death March... Enzogenol is proven to work...
Enzogenol Diabetes Help
HbA1C, Serum Insulin and Glucagon Levels:
To further understand the anti-diabetic effects of Enzogenol we examined the HbA1c, insulin and glucagon levels in blood in mice. Blood HbA1c concentrations of the diabetic control group were 2.6-fold (P<0.001) higher than that of non-diabetic group. Medium (25 mg/kg) and high dose of Enzogenol (50 mg/kg), & TPP (50 mg/kg), treatment significantly decreased the blood HbA1c level by 35.2%, 57.8% and 36.3%, respectively. The serum insulin and glucagon concentrations in the diabetic control group were approximately 7 & 15- fold higher than that in the non-diabetic group. However, both levels were significantly decreased by medium and high dose (25 and 50 mg/kg) administration of Enzogenol. The serum glucagon level in low-dose (12.5 mg/kg) treated group significantly increased. Because mice have a higher metabolic rate than humans, this top dose equates to about 500mg/day for me. Smaller folk can reduce doses to 250mg daily.

Now the fantastic results of halving my A1c levels in 6 months can be repeated if certain rules are followed like minimal carbohydrate & no sugars & no sugar drinks. But a word of warning. When a patient is on insulin then maybe these results won't repeat, simply because the pancreas is so badly damaged, it may never produce insulin again. We are not claiming Enzogenol is a miracle, we simply know when we reduce the free radicals in our bodies enough we can allow the body to heal itself but a cut-off point has not been established. But Enzogenol will certainly help protect against amyloid plaque doing too much damage to the brain, this dementia finding is scary. It's best we warn you again is not to expect miracles. Enzogenol contains a mixture from almost every flavonoid group. It has an unprecedented concentration of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins which are one of the key groups responsible for helping the body fight free radicals. These compounds are responsible for the amazing health benefits & are very dependent on a minimum dose of per kg of body weight. Don't expect a 30mg or 60mg dose to work, it will likely do nothing, it's just too little to help. A 250mg/day dose is an absolute minimum.

We at Enzogenol have done much university research & the results are here.
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We offer an alternative pack size to purchase, the most cost effective is in 50gm packs you add to shakes like whey protein. Whey is also great to control rapid glucose conversion. See our Amazon site, we have on offer Enzogenol so all the benefits are at affordable prices. We have bottles of 60 capsules & 50gm bulk packs (makes 200 doses).

As Mentioned before Neuropathy is very Painful. We did something about it…
Peripheral Neuropathy and Vitamin B12
Peripheral Neuropathy can manifest as a loss of sensation or pain in the hands &/or feet. Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that involves a disruption of the neuro-electrical synapses from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles in the limbs and other parts of the body, according to MedlinePlus. The nerves lose their function and thus affect the patient's ability to feel pain, and they may lose their sense of taste. Among other effects, this results in a loss of muscular control, painful tingling, numbness and loss of sensation. Peripheral Neuropathy has several possible causes, among them a lack of Vitamin B12. Many diabetic patients are treated with metformin, a medication that lowers serum vitamin B12 levels. In addition, almost half of all diabetic patients are older than 60, an age group in which the prevalence of metabolically confirmed B12 deficiency ranges from 12% to 23%. From 60 to 70% of diabetic patients have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage, the most common being Peripheral Neuropathy. Finally, treatment with D'LIFE Boost should also be used as a method for reducing the incidence of B12 deficiency in the Type 2 diabetic population.
It appears other diseases require D'LIFE Boost as well. So when the doctor says, "It's a nerve disease", it might sound like a death sentence. Diseases that cause long-term nerve pain are many and not limited to Neuropathy. Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, M.S., Lupus & Lou Gehrig's are others. Any one of these can be devastatingly painful. Doctors know you're suffering and hate saying:
"There's nothing we can do." But there are the days your fingers, toes, arms, hands, and legs make your life endless misery. Nerve pain sometimes just leaps out at you. You never know when it's going to strike. How can you make it go away?
I'm going to tell you about D'LIFE Boost, and then maybe you'll never have to suffer from nerve pain again. A fast spray under the tongue is all it takes to normally reduce the pain. The sublingual spray very quickly sooths the nerves. So far, this is the best solution we have found & works very quickly. It will at the same time lift "D3" levels & improves energy. Even reversing diabetes doesn't instantly cure Neuropathy, time & the correct nutrients, "D3", B complex & magnesium are usually needed as well to do the trick.

"Again see our Amazon site, we have on offer D'LIFE Boost so all the benefits are at prices that are affordable. A 300 dose spray bottle is $US 18.00 + freight.

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